You should consider two types of bankruptcy.

  • Chapter 7 is liquidation of debt. This is the most common form of bankruptcy, but is not available to all debtors. Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy gets rid of unsecured debt such as credit card and medical debt, and allows you to organize your secured debt such as auto and home loans. Within Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Trustee is appointed by the court to turn your property into any available value for your creditors.

    Many people suffer under crushing debt loads

    Let us help you with your debt load

  • Chapter 13 is a more complex bankruptcy relief often used by homeowners to catch up on home mortgage payments, to get back on track on auto payments, to pay back taxes with fewer penalties and interest, and to stop foreclosure on a home. It is a multi-year program involving a court-appointed Trustee to assist you in paying back your creditors.
  • Collections. Stop the collections calls now, by calling us. Once you hire us and we have filed court documents on your behalf, you simply give creditors our phone number and the “magic words,” which say not to call you again. If they do call you again, call us  and we will warn them verbally and in writing that calling again will result in our taking legal action on your behalf.
  • Foreclosures. Filing a Chapter 13 may prevent foreclosure. Call for details.
  • Garnishments. We may also be able to stop garnishments. Call for details.

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