Can you receive bankruptcy protection?

When contemplating bankruptcy, most people experience thoughts of shame or are embarrassed, making it difficult to discuss the realities of the situation. The fact is, the majority of people who file for bankruptcy do so because they have a life changing experience such as a serious illness in the family, a loss of a job, or a series of financial problems through no fault of their own. Bankruptcy is a legal method of beginning to rebuild your financial future. Modern bankruptcy law is federal law based upon centuries-old practices. Each state, including Colorado, sets its own rules based upon federal law. The Bankruptcy system is designed as a last resort to help those in need.

Sign outside of the United States Bankruptcy Court

We assist you in obtaining a fresh financial start.

Whether you are facing debt because of divorce, due to an unexpected illness, unemployment, or for another reason, we can help you with debt negotiation and settlement, bankruptcy, and credit rehabilitation. We can help you stop harassing creditors, foreclosure, even garnishment. Our firm specializes in consumer bankruptcy actions, helping out individuals and small business owners who are looking for a fresh start.

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