“Roger provided a personal and comforting space for my case, I knew that I could trust him with my difficult situation. Bill collection phone calls and letters stopped within a few days of meeting Roger. I was able to get a fresh financial start thanks to Adams Law and I recommend Roger to everyone I love because Roger treated me like family, like we’d know each other forever.” – Phil

“You can’t find a more professional or knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer in Denver than Roger – he did a wonderful job for us. He is assertive and tenacious and helped our case move along smoothly and efficiently.” – Robert and Paulette

“Don’t trust Google for bankruptcy advice. There are more resources than you know, and Adams Law will help you find them. Roger is extremely smart. Just take the first step and talk to him – you won’t know how relieved you feel until you do.” – Jennifer

“After two weeks in a coma and 11 weeks in the hospital, I had hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Nobody wants to get sick and end up in bankruptcy court, but thankfully I found Roger and my medical bills disappeared. This process could have been much more stressful than it was but Roger’s attention to detail, exceptional service, and good-natured personality made my case go smoothly.” – Greg

“Mr. Adams’ vast knowledge of the cycling world and his experience as a trial lawyer combine to make him an excellent expert witness for cycling issues. He is highly responsive and understands his role as an expert in personal injury litigation. I think he would present well to a jury as well as in a deposition setting. To help my personal injury case involving two bicyclists, he came with my client and myself to the scene of the accident to understand how the crash occurred. He effectively communicated with the client about cycling in a way I was not able to do. He thoroughly explained bicycle safety rules for passing to both of us and how they applied in my client’s situation. After the meeting, Mr. Adams came back with a response and a fully developed and supported opinion of who was at fault for the accident. Luckily for my client, his opinion supported the claims of my client. Due to the facts in the case, Mr. Adams’ expertise, and his ability to present his developed opinion, my client will likely get a settlement offer. Mr. Adam’s help significantly enhanced the value of the case. I do not hesitate to recommend him. “ – Dorothy

“After a horrible car accident and months of recovery, I just wanted the quickest and easiest way to cover my medical bills. Roger was very informative and gave me several options to cover my bills – he cared about my needs and wasn’t just out for money. I recommend Roger to anyone who is in the middle of a nightmare. He is a good man and citizen and he really acts according to the moral codes.” – Chaki

“As soon as I called Roger I knew I’d made the right decision. Thanks to Roger’s expertise and diligence, the insurance company finally came through with the money they owed me after my accident. I’m so grateful I found Roger – I’m convinced he is the most caring personal injury lawyer in Denver.” – Heather

“Don’t wait to call Adams Law if you are in a tricky situation. I wasted time and money with people who didn’t really know how to help. I got bad information from probate people and other people. Roger has been amazing. He has been like a translator of all the language and verbiage of the laws and courts.” — Becky

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