About Us

People find themselves with legal questions for a variety of reasons. We are a general practice law firm. We are here to help, and we are only a phone call away, at (720) 233-7900.

View of Denver, Colorado skyline from City Park

Our Law Office serves clients throughout the Denver metro area from our offices at E. 8th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

We practice in several areas of the law, although there are hundreds of legal specialties. In just one phone call, we can quickly assess your legal problem. If we cannot assist you, we probably know someone who can.

With our small general practice firm, attorney Roger K. Adams handles all cases personally. Except for some administrative tasks and legal research work, you get the benefit of personal service from an attorney.

We are “Your Neighborhood Law Firm.”  What that means is we treat people like they’re our neighbors, with respect and dignity.  What that also means is that we contribute to our community.

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