Estate Planning

Protect Your Family.

Family photo of a family with a well planned future

Plan for your family

The best time to update your estate plan is every four years as you decide who to elect President of the United States. That’s because Presidential elections signal upcoming changes to laws affecting your estate taxes. Potential reasons to update your will:

  • Birth or adoption of child
  • Death of a family member or beneficiary
  • Change in value of your estate
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Children no longer minors
  • You have moved to another State
  • You wish to take someone out of your will

Check your beneficiaries, in your 401k and other accounts. Is your favorite charity still intact? Review other documents, so that health care and financial decisions are made by the  most trusted and able of your family. Life insurance is necessary when your children are young, and not so much if you are older and your savings and retirement accounts are robust. Our firm helps families plan. Protect your legacy. Call us today.

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